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Local Author Collaboration! Signs of Deception


Local Author!

Signs of Deception

Matthew J Anderson

Release Date: October 23 2021

Aaron, Reggie & Travis are extremely gifted high-school athletes enjoying every single moment of their senior year. The future beholds promising opportunities for each of them to obtain a scholarship to play college football in their home state of Wisconsin. With high hopes of renting an apartment together after graduating from high school, the three friends decide that garnishing their pad with stolen street signs will be the blueprint of their college escapades. Their ensuing mischievous acts of vandalism eventually implodes into a heinous crime that neither of them could ever imagine. A burning secret now jeopardizes their childhood friendship, scholarship opportunities and glorious days of being college students. Only shocking signs of deception amasses the burning truth of what could deteriorate the blueprint of their promising futures.



We have collaborated to create a candle based

on a key scene in the book!


Snow Globe

Chocolate, Peppermint, & Snow. 

Perfect for the holiday season!


A portion of all candle & book sale proceeds will be donated to

Lymphoma Research Foundation

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