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    Show Mom some love with one our message Candles!

    Your choice of message and scent.  

    Rosemary Lemon or White Tea & Ginger

    Mom - Life is hard but at least your children aren't ugly
    Mom (noun)  1.  A person who loves unconditionally.   2.  The maker and keeper of precious memories.  See also : Superwoman
    Mom's Last Nerve - Oh's on fire!

    12oz glass jar soy candle.  40 hour burn time. 

    Wax - We use 100%  soy wax with no additives.  We use no dyes or uv additives ever in our process.  Those things certainly make candles pretty but we don't think it's worth it to add chemicals to our candles. 


    Wicks - our wicks are made with a compressed flat braided cotton core that is wrapped in paper.  


    Fragrance - All of our oils are sourced from manufacturers  that use no parabens or phthalates.  They are also what are called "natural fragrance oils" which basically means they are made from isolates or the  the natural aromatic components of the complex scent rather than synthetic chemicals.  Candles cannot safely be made with essential oils.   


    Packaging - all of our packaging and our containers are reusable or recyclable.  


    Shipping materials - We reuse all of our shipping materials and also source packing material from some of our vendors partners.  We have not purchased new packing paper or peanuts in more than 3 years.  Reduce, reuse, recycle!