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  • Whipped Coffee Scrub


    Our Whipped Coffee Scrub has a soft soufflé like consistency and is super lathery and moisturizing. 

    This all natural  fresh coffee & sea salt will exfoliate your skin with amazing anti-oxidants and leave you feeling super charged!  

    Gently exfoliate your skin and remove old, dead dry skin cells while infusing with natural oils, nutrients and vitamins.

    Our Unique 4 in 1 Formula will transform your skin making it silky soft, healthy and radiant!

    1. Exfoliate - fine grain, mineral rich, 100% pure dead sea salt (gentle but powerful)
    2. Cleanse - natural oils work like microscopic cleansing agents
    3. Nourish- nutrient dense ingredients feed your precious skin
    4. Moisturize - infused with skin softening oils that results in ultra-soft & smooth skin

    Indulge in a skin pampering experience that will soften your skin like no other body scrub has done before.

    Scoop out a little handful of scrub on to wet skin, scrub away and rinse! 

    8 oz Amber Glass Jar.

      Alcohol Free
      Clean, Vegan & Cruelty Free
      Paraben Free & No Phthalate

    Ingredients: Fresh ground coffee, dead sea salt, raw sugar, foaming bath butter.